Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ladakh Part 3 - Pangong Tso

I think Pangong is by far the most beautiful and most overwhelming sight I have seen in my whole life.
And you have to be there to know that I'm not exagerating!

It's been made famous enough after '3 Idiots' and people of Ladakh are only cashing in on it. There are small canteens and eateries right there on the lake with names such as 3 Idiots restaurants and Phunsuk Vangdu hotel.

Its about a 100 kms from Leh and on bikes it took us almost 6-7 hours to reach it through the twists and turns, bad roads and melting snow water gushing across roads forming small rivulets.

Tip - Its best to leave for Pangong early morning as the water levels on the roads start increasing as the sun comes up, threating to flood your bike or car silencers, making it difficult to ride across.

We stayed overnight at this little military town called Tangtse. This is the last settlement before Pangong-tso, which is another 15 kilometers ride through mountains.
We visited Pangong in the morning and then back to Leh by nightfall.

Next post - Khardungla!


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  2. Just one word "Marvelous” !!!

    Picture gives idea about the beauty of this place however could u add some description to each photo, that will give more insights to your experience.

    1. I really thot the pictures would say it all, but i'll add a few lines now!
      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Been there n I know Tht u surely r not exaggerating... :) One of the most beautiful places in Leh.. Amazing clicks dudette.. :)