Monday, October 12, 2009

Not the final goodbye...

Just as I was beginning to get comfortable with Mumbai, its time for me to leave. And suddenly, I don’t think I’m too comfortable with that.

What was it that I used to say about Mumbai?
Noisy, crowded, polluted…???

And yet I can’t shake off the first surge of something exhilarating that I had smelled in this air when I had first walked out of Dadar station on 16 July. Something other than the smoke and dampness in the surrounding had caught with me and it’s as if I can feel it in my senses all over again. It smelled like freedom, a heady sense of purpose, and a spirit so like me that I could never walk away from, despite the city’s many vices.

Gosh, I’m surprising myself!

And yet, having said all that, I still have no reason not to go back to my precious Goa… as always!

But I know I’ll be back – back to explore Mumbai as Mumbai is, back to the gallis and locals, markets and malls, to the crowds where you can be invisible and not worry about being judged, to a life which knows not the snails pace, to never ending opportunities, undying spirit and most importantly – the freedom!

I know I’ll be back, to that part of me which is sure to bring me back!

This one is to all my new friends – Charlette, Sarita, Mandar, Mahesh, Pradeep, Megha, Hetal, Dinesh.
And of course – Atya and Gaurav…